Classes for French-speaking children

This page concerns La Marelle's school for French-speaking children. Please see our French as a foreign language page if you are looking for French lessons for non-native speakers. Unless otherwise specified, all lessons take place on Saturday mornings between 9.30 and 12.30 at Fleetdown Primary School, Lunedale Road, DA2 6JX (see our calendar for exact dates).


Sessions are taught in French by native French-speaking teachers. Games in French are also organised during the 20-minute break in the middle of the session.

Lessons are based on the official French curriculum for pre-schools and primary schools, albeit adapted to a weekly session and the specific needs of bilingual children.


Fourmis (Ants) - 2 years

Teacher: Malika Agounizera

An advanced and educative creche aimed at 2-year-olds with sessions structured by theme, combining arts and crafts, drawing and coloring, nursery rhymes and a story to end each session. The ultimate aim is to get the children into a routine and help them become comfortable being part of a group, which will lead to good learning and independence.


Coccinelles (Ladybirds) - 3 years

Teacher: Virginie Ambroise


Abeilles (Bees) - 4 years

Teacher: Isabelle Jones

In both these classes, particular emphasis is placed on developing oral language skills through the use of play, songs, nursery rhymes, dancing, and stories. Manual activities such as drawing and colouring are used to introduce real world themes while encouring the skills needed for writing.


Bourdons (Bumblebees) - 5 years

Teacher: Florence Bissianna


Chenilles (Caterpillars) - 6 years

Teacher: Myriam Surel

Oral language skills remain the key component of these classes, to help the children improve their linguistic communication and structure. They are exposed to a more extensive vocabulary relating to space, time and the living world. Reading skills are introduced through the study of the alphabet and letter-sound combinations, while writing skills are developed by drawing lines and copying familiar words.


Papillons (Butterflies) - 7 years

Teacher: Aude Gagnier

Having learned the basics of reading and writing in English schools, the pupils will easily adapt to reading French thanks to regular practice both within the classroom and at home with their parents. In addition to oral activities, they will learn basic French grammatical rules through grammar, conjugation and spelling exercises, while their vocabulary and written expression will be enhanced by the study of short texts or novels.

Libellules 1

Libellules 1 (Dragonflies) - 8 to 9 years

Teacher: Amélia Ledo

Libellules 2

Libellules 2 (Dragonflies) - 10 to 11 years

Teacher: Gwladys Dupont


Lucioles (Fireflies) - 12 to 15 years

Teacher: Paolo Giambarresi

Oral skills will be developed further, and pupils will consolidate their existing knowledge of French grammatical rules, learning the more advanced aspects of French grammar through grammar, conjugation and spelling exercises. Meanwhile, their vocabulary and written expression will be enhanced by the study of complete books, and creative writing will also be encouraged.

History, geography and the cultures of the French-speaking world will be covered in all levels, and French holidays will be the occasion of celebrations and entertainment.