La Marelle is growing and recruiting regularly.

Together we can make a real difference to the growth and success of our students.

 If you would like to join our team, in management or teaching, please either: 

Email us at [email protected] with a CV and covering letter
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    You will be expected to be present at the premises every Saturday that the school is open.
    You will work in collaboration with your Co-Headteacher and the Trustees. You will be reporting to the Board of Trustees.
    Note: The requirements of the role are to be shared between the 2 co-headteachers.

    Role Description

    You will be required to:


    • Meet regularly with the Board of Trustees

    The School:

    • Help organise fundraising events
    • Promote the school via social media

    New Enrolments:

    • Evaluate level of new pupils based on information received from parents
    • Answer request, allocate places and communicate with families
    • Build and maintain waiting list
    • Collect registration and medical forms and Code of conduct from parents
    • Process registration on Jackrabbit
    • Give Pupil’s info sheet to teachers

    Re-enrolments for the following year

    • Collect enrolment forms from parents
    • Process information on Jackrabbit
    • Collect information from teachers about pupils’ return and level
    • Establish next year classes
    • Give registers and pupils’ info sheets to teachers

    The Parents:

    • Welcome parents to the premises
    • Answer administrative queries
    • Contact parents to update contact details & pupils’ info
    • Answer educational queries
    • Contact parents regarding educational matters, such as absences, behaviour and any other issues
    • Write and send newsletter when relevant

    The Pupils

    • Monitor pupils’ register on Jackrabbit
    • Read, amend and validate the reports produced by the teachers
    • Organise parent-teacher meetings
    • Manage mis-behaved pupils
    • Record accidents

    The Staff

    • Recruit new teachers, teaching assistants and supervising staff
    • Collect required paperwork, such as copies of DBS, qualifications, personal info sheet, Safeguarding training
    • Line-manage supervising staff
    • Allocate classes to teachers & teaching assistants
    • Provide La Marelle’s policies (kit staff)
    • Organise cover for absences
    • Organise general meetings when relevant (3 minimum)
    • Liaise with School Bursar to monitor school finances

    The Teachers

    • Observe each class at least once a year
    • Provide feedback after observation
    • Provide help & support to the teachers, especially to the new teachers
    • Organise regular meetings/trainings on various educational matters
    • Promote exchange of teaching experience

    The Teaching Assistants

    • Liaise with teachers to ensure adequate assistance is given

    The Curriculum

    • Update the curriculum for the whole school
    • Break the yearly curriculum into terms
    • Select all the manuals required (within budget)
    • Find out cost of manuals and other classroom supplies and inform the relevant people
    • Give a skeleton programme to the teachers
    • Help the teachers with the selection of additional activities and materials (within budget)
    • Decide what classroom supplies will be needed (within budget)

    This role description may be amended at any time following consultation between the co-Headteachers and the Trustees and will be reviewed annually.

    Person specifications:

    • Qualification and/or Experience in teaching – Desirable
    • Excellent literacy skills, in both French and English – Essential
    • Good knowledge of all MS Office applications and general computer literacy – Essential
    • Qualification and/or Experience in secretarial / office administration – Desirable
    • Good skills in team management, organisation and logistics – Essential
    • Good numeracy skills and ability to understand financial budgets – Desirable
    • First Aid – Desirable

    Application deadline – 15th May 2021 – Plese send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]




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