Below is our annual calendar.

You can download our calendar for the 2021-2022 school year by clicking on the following link: Calendar-2021-2022-Parents

Term 1 SaturdayNotes
September 202118Rentrée - School Start
September 202125IPas de cours / No class - Inset Day
October 202102, 09Class
October 202116Class
Marché français
October 202123Half term, no lessons
October 202130Half term, no lessons
November 202106Half term, no lessons
November 202113, 20, 27Class
December 202104Class
December 202111Class, Christmas Market
December 202118, 25Half term, no lessons
January 202201Half term, no lessons
Term 2 Saturday Notes
January 202208Class + « Galette des Rois »
January 202215, 22Class
January 202229Class + Chandeleur « Crêpes et cidre » Parents tasting from 12pm to 1pm
February 202205Bulletin « Bilan mi-parcours » - School Report - Visio classes
February 202212, 19Half term, no lessons
February 202226Class
March 202205, 12Class
March 202219Class + Marché français
March 202226Class
April 202202, 09, 16Half term, no lessons
Term 3SaturdayNotes
April 202223, 30Class
May 202207, 14, 21 Class
May 202228Half term, no lessons
June 202204Half term, no lessons
June 202211Class + Bulletin « Bilan annuel » - School Report
June 202218Class + Teachers-Parent’s meeting + Marché français
June 202225Class
July 202202, 09Class
July 202216Class End of the year - Marché français


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Francais a Londres
Francais a Londres